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Selecting related data from multiple tables

Question asked by sscotchm on Apr 3, 2010
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Selecting related data from multiple tables


I am brand new to FileMaker but have programmed in SQL, Oracle etc. However I can't seem to work out how to do a simple table lookup. Can anyone point me in the right direction.


Example would be.


I have an "answer" table where the records look something like this.

Respondent: Steven

Question1: Agree

Question2: Agree

Question3: Disagree



I then have a "weighting" table where the answers are related to a number.

Agree: 100

Disagree: 40

No Opinion: 0


On a report layout I am trying to look at an individual "score". Eg In the example above I want to show that Steven had a score of 240 - being for 2xAgree an 1xDisagree. I need to work that out on the report.


I know how to do it with sql queries. Can anyone help me with the equivalent lookup and calculation entries in filemaker?


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