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selecting relation to show in reports

Question asked by willem67 on Jul 1, 2015
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selecting relation to show in reports


I have a database with many-to-many-relations.


Table 1: paintings

Table 2: owners

Table 3: joins

In table 1 I show a portal with current owners. In 95% is just one item in the table. In 5% there are 2 owners, e.g. for long-term loans to musea.

Regarding the paintings with 2 owners: in list-views or reports I only want to show one of the two owners. In general the owner where the owner where the painting is currently.

How do I define which of the two owners to show? I can add a tick-box in the join table for owners to be shown, but still, how to tell to show the relation where the tick-box is ticked?