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Selecting Values from Drop down list (within portal) then auto populate next field(within portal)...

Question asked by GarthTurton on Jan 29, 2015
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Selecting Values from Drop down list (within portal) then auto populate next field(within portal) based on selection


Hi All,



I'm working on quite a large and seemingly difficult first project and i have hit a wall. 

I am working on a database which is primarily for recording current customers, current machine inventory and service reports (completed for the machines within the inventory which are in use by specific customers).

At present i am trying to incorporate a lot of automation to streamline workflow and productivity. I have accomplished quite a bit although cannot solve this current implementation and would really appreciate some experience.

I am trying to implement a function(within my Service Report table) where within a Portal, a user can select a Model type of machine(via Valued List) which will then automatically populate the related serial number assigned to that specific machine (which is already predefined within another table (Machine Inventory)).

I am using a LineItem table to record this data to populate additional machines within the same Service Report and also to be able to assign references within (Machine Inventory) to record when selected machines were serviced, providing a link to the existing Service Report.

So far everything is working except the ability to auto populate the serial number that relates to the specific machine selected. I'm either getting blank or just the first serial number that is recorded in Machine Inventory. I also want to have this serial number set within the LineItem table to make referencing easier.

I have tried adjusting my relationships and everything else i can think of, but I am absolutely stumped.

I have tried to explain this to the best of my ability although please seek further explanation if required, no doubt it is a little messy and i'm happy to provide pictures.

Many Thanks