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      basically i have two tables, one with a job, the other with materials, each material has a type, i've setup a table where u select the type (radio buttons) the field is called 'selected supplier' and next to this there is a portal which shows the related records, unfortunately when i select a supplier, put in a new part etc, the field wont update completely until i click away from the portal, is there any way i can make it update?

      for example


      supplier 1 is selected, showing part a and part b, i enter part C, click on supplier 2, then click back on supplier 1 and part c is not in the portal until i click away, any way around this? tried an update script of going to a diff object but it didnt work

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          I'm having a hard time visualizing the problem from your description. However, I think that what you're looking for is the 'commit record' script step. This updates all relationships, and should cause the portal to refresh. If you don't want the user to have to click a button to commit the record, you can apply it as a script trigger on the field that is not updating.


          If that doesn't work, please post a screen shot illustrating the problem so that I can understand it better.