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Selection Portal?

Question asked by Lust4Kicks_1 on Nov 27, 2009
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Selection Portal?


Howdy...  Long time since I was here last, but hoping that TSGal and the other FM wizards can help me refocus.


Anyway, writing a solution that creates a simple work order and it includes the usual entities like

Contacts (or customer),

Service (instead of product),

Invoice, etc.


The majority of the contacts come from a variety of Real Estate offices, they call and request an inspection service on a home they are negotiating. Many times they will ask us to invoice an Escrow company, which brings me to the scenario...


Currently, to create a Work Order means locating that Contact (if they exist, is not creating a record for them first), and clicking the "Create Work Order) button.


Doing this creates a new record in Work Orders and pulls in the Contact info via lookups. (BTW, once in a while, that process will fail and only pull in the ID of the contact).


I want to create a selection portal that upon clicking a button like "Add Escrow?" will display a pop up window with a portal displaying available Escrow Companies/Escrow Officers on file. All the user needs to do is click on the invisible button in that row in the portal and it adds the info. If it's a new Escrow Company and/or Escrow Officer, have the ability to create that record as well.


Questions: Can this be done? Can it be done with the Work Order Requestor (Contact) also?

Is my thought process in the wrong direction?


Would appreciate any constructive ideas, thanks