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    Selection Portal?



      Selection Portal?


      Howdy...  Long time since I was here last, but hoping that TSGal and the other FM wizards can help me refocus.


      Anyway, writing a solution that creates a simple work order and it includes the usual entities like

      Contacts (or customer),

      Service (instead of product),

      Invoice, etc.


      The majority of the contacts come from a variety of Real Estate offices, they call and request an inspection service on a home they are negotiating. Many times they will ask us to invoice an Escrow company, which brings me to the scenario...


      Currently, to create a Work Order means locating that Contact (if they exist, is not creating a record for them first), and clicking the "Create Work Order) button.


      Doing this creates a new record in Work Orders and pulls in the Contact info via lookups. (BTW, once in a while, that process will fail and only pull in the ID of the contact).


      I want to create a selection portal that upon clicking a button like "Add Escrow?" will display a pop up window with a portal displaying available Escrow Companies/Escrow Officers on file. All the user needs to do is click on the invisible button in that row in the portal and it adds the info. If it's a new Escrow Company and/or Escrow Officer, have the ability to create that record as well.


      Questions: Can this be done? Can it be done with the Work Order Requestor (Contact) also?

      Is my thought process in the wrong direction?


      Would appreciate any constructive ideas, thanks

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          This can be done, of course.

          From your text I cannot imagine process in full but what I suggest is following:

          Starting from Work Order you must find Contact to bill.

          You have One or more major companies and Contacts in each.

          Company contact selection you can do 1) fixed via relationship or 2) "selectable" relationship (more variable)

          1) make the calculation field in Work orders table and get calculation result "Escrow"

          make relationship between Contacts table field containing "Escrow" (company name or ...) and new field you have made in Work Orders table.

          Make portal (Work Order layout) for this relationship to show all contacts from Escrow". 

          You can made more fields, more portals etc. for all major companies.

          2) Make text field and represent it as drop-down list containing all major companies and make relationship between Work Order and Contacts table based on this text field and field containing "Escrow" in Contacts (like before).

          Make portal (Work Order layout) for this relationship to show all contacts from Escrow". 

          Changing content in text field you have made portal represent necesaary Contacts.


          Is this what I understand from your post?