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Selections Greyed Out in Insert Menu

Question asked by rouelf_1 on Apr 3, 2013
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Selections Greyed Out in Insert Menu



     I have a container in a portal with "Interactive" selected. If I click on the container to select it, then go to the Insert menu, Audio/Movie and PDF is greyed out. I also have another layout with the same container also with Interactive selected, but not in portal. If I click on this container, the Insert menu has QuickTime and Sound greyed out.


     Yet more, … on another layout with different container (also in a portal) and Interactive selected, as before, the Insert menu has Audio/Movie and PDF greyed out. But in another layout with this same container (not in a portal) and Interactive, then the Audio/Movie and PDF are greed out. This is different than what occurs above.


     This solution was ported from fp7 to fmp12 and uses a custom menu, using OSX; however these issues are also present when I deselect the custom menu and use the Standard Menu. ...Is there a problem here ?


     Since the insert File option is available, I seem to be able to insert any file without ill effect, that is files in the interactive container behave properly. Movies play, sound files play, pdf files display, photos display, in short no problem there.