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Selective Field Values for Calculation

Question asked by KeithWallace on Oct 27, 2013
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Selective Field Values for Calculation


     Hi everyone, noob here.  
     I'm trying to use the forum to get most of the answers but I have one I'm a little stumped on.  
     I have 2 tables.  
     The first is for product data (A) which holds the part details along with it's weight.  
     THe second table (B) is for a production record, at the end of the record I want to calculate the total amount of material used.  I want to do this by using the total cycle amount in table B with the part weight in table A.
     The problem I have is I need to make it use the correct field value in A depending on the part I choose for production in table B. (All the details in table B are derived from the Table A part details)
     That's where I get unstuck as Table B needs to know what part I'm using so it can calculate the correct weight.