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    Selective Self Relating



      Selective Self Relating


      Hello Everyone

      I want to keep track of a list of topics. I'd like to "relate" any given topic to any other (but not every topic to every other). I would have a layout where I created new topics, then would be able to select from the other existing topics to mark them as "related". First off I'd like advice about the best structure for this.

      This is what I've done so far. The 'RelatedTopicsList' is at the moment a hand generated, carriage separated list in a text box, set as "text" (because if I made it a number I couldn't carriage-separate). There is a portal showing TOPICS_related. It seems like a reverse portal in a way but it seems to work - am I on the right track?

      Thanks in advance

      Chris Richardson


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          which field shows as "antibiotics" in your screen shot? TSMod?

          Seems like you have a category (Antibiotics) and members of that category (Gentamicin, Cephalosporins, etc.)

          Looks from here like the Category (TSMod?) could be in one table and the members (TopiceName?) in another, related table with a one to many relationship from the category to the memers.

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            Hi Phil - thank you for helping. "antibiotics" is the field TopicName, as are "gentamcin" "cephalosporins" "aminoglycosides" (apologies TSMod and CreateDate are my autoenter modification timestamps and creation date fields respectively). I don't want a category-member arrangement. I want to be able to reference one topic from another (kind of like a 'keywords' link in a blog post etc). In this example, the list of gentamicin cephalosporins and aminos do happen to all be antibiotics or types of antibiotics, but I might equally want, in another record, to link "train" with "beach ball" with "moon dust". Does that make sense?

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              Hmmm, in which case back to the suggestion I almost posted the first time:

              Your return separated lists functions as a kind of "mini join table" all in one field. Why not take the next logical step and use an actual join table in your self join relationship? The join table can be easier to update and you then have the option of basing report layouts on the join table.

              Topics----<Topic_Join>----Topics 2

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                I've done exactly as you suggest. I hadn't thought of having a join table linking two occurrences of the same table. Thank you Phil.