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Selectively importing records from folder

Question asked by bterrell721 on Aug 9, 2013
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Selectively importing records from folder


     I have a folder of images that I regularly add to, and then update records in filemaker so that the new images are imported and properly matched to those records.  However I am starting to find that as more and more images are placed into the folder it is starting to take far too long to import as it is actually importing and then checking every single image in the folder for matching records each time even though the majority have already been imported into filemaker previously.  Is there a way to have filemaker selectively import images that have been added after a certain date, or to automatically move image files to a different folder after importing?  I know I can just manually move all the images into a different folder after I do an import, but for the convenience of my users an automatic solution would be much more beneficial.  Thank you very much!