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Self function on repeating field

Question asked by ptt555 on May 27, 2010
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Self function on repeating field


I know repeating fields are far from everyone's favorite, but have enabled me to create a functional 'graphical' gantt  chart.

Conditional formatting of the blocks on the gantt chart is working great, with the exception of each field on the layout requiring me to manually reference which repetition will trigger the formatting.


example:  Using the 5th repetition for the conditional format, this syntax works

Formula is...  graphicbook::d18[5] = 2

but the formula must be set up field by field manually

Formula is...  graphicbook::d19[5] = 2



I've attempted with no success syntax such as:

Formula is... self[5] = 2


Also attempting Let statements

getrepetition (self ; 5) 

FM doesn't seem to like the 'self' reference with getrepetition


Finding a way to use the 'self' or similar function could save some significant time on both my layouts and scripts.

Any guidance?  Simple syntax error on my part or a functionality not available in FM?

As always, thanks in advance for any/all assistance.