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Question asked by rwalsh on Apr 28, 2010


Self Join & Display Unique Records in Portal


Hi There,


I am currently working on a report where there are several parts.


Region (leading sub-summary on "repRegion")

Sales Rep (leading sub-summary on "_salesRep")


Sales Rep Summary (trailing sub-summary on "_salesRep")

Region Summary (trailing sub-summary on "repRegion")


Now I have the basis of the report working, all the way up until I need to add some extra detail to the Region Summary part.

Within this section I need to list all the sales reps that are in that region within the found set, some counts and some sum values. Now I can't add another part to do this (or can I?), so I was trying to use a portal. But because I am using a self join,  I am getting duplicated values for the Sales Reps (all the counts, and sums work and are the same accross the board) but I just want to omit the duplicates from the portal? How can I achieve this?