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Self Join not working.

Question asked by preston56 on Feb 25, 2009
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Self Join not working.


I know I can be slow sometimes, but this one has me frustrated. In a previous post I was trying to resolve my problem to no end. Here it is.


Field equals "CSE Name" (text) These are unique due to an employee number being part of the text.

Field equals "CSE Phone" (text) These are also unique


I wanted the "CSE Phone" field to auto enter the number once I filled in the "CSE Name" field. I basically create new records now by just duplicating related records. The only time this is nedded is when a CSE changes in a particular record. Theire are over 260 CSEs and hunting down the correct phone number is daunting.


I am running a flat DB containing over 65 fields with over 4,000 records. There is only one table. I have tried to perform the self join relationship and it doesn't work. I am not familiar with the technical jargon or formulas. I have been successful with maintaing things up to now using the tools (i.e. create tables, create value list). These require no "formula" explanation. I followed the example in the FM9 Pro help file and it does not work.


Please keep it simple, I do not work regularly with DB phrases or terminolgy. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.