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Self Join Portals

Question asked by baztown on Feb 13, 2013
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Self Join Portals


     Hi  guys.

     I  setup a database for a small museum.

     I have Document , People and Location tables

     When i create a new record under the Document table i pick a location from the location portal ( which lists all cities and states)

      When i then go to the Locations table i created a Portal For the Document table which will show all Documents that are realted to that specific location.

     Now, when i create a self join table to the People table - Which allows me to link relatives to 'John Smith', while using the names  that are already in the database, I would like to  set 'Jane' as a wife and then be able to go to 'Jane's' profile and see 'John' listed there , the same way the location table shows all Documents related thru the Doc portal.

     But it doesnt work.  I can choose 'Jane' thru the self join portal and then i need to go the 'John' and set 'Jane' as a spouse

     Any help would be appreciated!