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    Self Join Relationship



      Self Join Relationship


           Ugh, for some reason this isn't working.  Here's what I have

           Battery_data table

           - has fields "cell number" and "volts". "cell number" should count up from 1 to inf in whole steps of 1, i.e. 1, 2, 3, etc as long as they are related to the same parent table (test_report).  So if they have the same fk, they should count up.

           - Have a self join relationship for this table, with fk_testreportid = fk_testreportid being the relationship criteria, 2nd table occurrence called battery.autocellnumber

           - "cell number" has auto-entered-calculation with the formula "Max ( battery.autocellnumber::cell number ) + 1"

           It's inserting "1" every time as records are created in my portal and can't figure out why.


           Any thoughts?