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Self Joining Relationship

Question asked by MichaelLindner on Nov 23, 2013
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Self Joining Relationship


     I have a database I'm making that often has the same customer info that gets entered multiple times.  I've noticed every so often the customer will enter in a different email address than before, or they will enter in their AIA number in the AIA field on one occurrence and not enter in a license number in the license number field and on the second occurrence they will do it vise versa.  I know I can add an email address two field or an address two field and from what I understand I can some how use a self joining relationship to have the second email address post to the address two field or add the license number to the to the customers license number field in they didn't enter it in on their prior record.  Each customer currently has these fields:  Name, From Email Address, Option 1 Value (which equals their AIA number), Option 2 Value (which is their state registration number), course name, course number, and address.  Can someone help?