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    self joining relationships



      self joining relationships


           fm12 advanced  -  at first fields useing self joining relationships worked  then  fields started showing a ?, instead of data and when i ran a script useing self joining it would state relationships were wrong  -    know a thumb drive used to save work was ejected before it stated ok to remove  and thought this was problem  -  i also noted most fields were indexed and thought this consumed memory so started marking indexing to none  for  fields  -   thought removing indexing from all to none might created a problem so i indexed all fields self join used  -  problem solved, everything started working correctly again  -   is there a problem showing self join fields indexing to none or was my software corrupted?

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               Match fields used in relationships should be indexed in nearly all cases. You are better off leaving it up to FIleMaker to determine whether or not a field is indexed.

               Your file will increase in size the more indexed fields exist in your file, but searches and sorts on indexed fields are many times faster than unindexed fields and today's hard drives support truly huge file sizes so you are generially better off with indexed fields that unindexed. (Though importing data into indexed fields or making batch updates in an indexed field for large numbers of records will be slower than for unindexed due to the "overhead" required to update the indexes during such operations.)