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Self Referring Drop Down List

Question asked by gldiaz on Oct 1, 2011
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Self Referring Drop Down List



I have an Excel Spread Sheet of which have mulitple "Status Codes"  and descriptors that I use.

In this list, of which I have referenced from Excel INTO FMK 11 as a "Utility" table, I need help on the drop down.
Presently, the drop down displays the information just fine and appear "for example like this."  

Code           Descriptor                     Contact

401          Medium Temp                Lab Tech
402          Under Temp                   Lab Tech
403          Extreme                        Lab Center

But here's where I get Stuck.
I need help on being able to ADD for example " 402B ", making the list Alpha Numeric and self referencing.
Presently, I can't get the alpha numerics Codes to be accepted, and operational to call up later.

I would like the Drop down to SHOW and REMEMBER the newly added code, placing it in the drop down list, in
Alpha numeric order for future use.

Which means the list should then become and  show something like:

     402 B "The new code" available for future reference.

and so on, within the drop down.  So the next time, I select the 40xxxx Codes, the 401, 402s etc will
show the 402B as an option to chose from. I have nearly 112 present codes and the table updates would
be a help.

Any thoughts on what is missing or a good way on doing this?

Hope this is not too confusing.

Tks In advance.