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Self relationship - Creating Categories where the Parent category

Question asked by brettpix on Oct 21, 2013
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Self relationship - Creating Categories where the Parent category & child are from the same list



     This seems so simple but it seems to have me stumped. I need to create a category list to export to my ecommerce cart (for food products in my case)

     I have a list of categories (eg grains, rice, barley, wheat, legumes, navy beans, pinto beans, soy beans, lentils) where all categories are in the same list.

     I want to create a multi level category list where both parent and child categories come from the same category list. This is needed as this is the way my opencart ecommerce solutions works.

     I see this as a Self relationship as each category can relate to itself. In this case I want the structure to be like this.


     grain > rice

     grain > barley

     grain > wheat


     legumes > navy beans

     legumes > pinto beans

     legumes > soy beans

     legumes > lentils


     This idea would be the same in an example were you had a list of staff members were some are assigned as managers and others are assigned under them (another situation I would like to use this for in my business)

     How can I do this???

     There are so many applications for this type of relationship. Thank you in advance for any assitance you can give.