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Self-Join Absolutely Stumped

Question asked by SeanO on Aug 22, 2012
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Self-Join Absolutely Stumped


As a new user to Filemaker, having diligently worked through the tutorials, read the documentation and spent two days googling "Self-Join Relationships", I am at a "postal" emotional level currently trying to resolve what is in effect, a relatively simple ask.

The scenario: 1 File with 3 tables
The tables are:
Company (Name[Unique], Switchboard, Address, WEB etc)
Contact (Company, Surname, First Name, Mobile, Landline, email etc)
Stock (Company, Contact Name, Contact Number, Item etc)

Stock is provided by multiple vendors and an entry will not be accepted without both a company name and a contact (from the existing company)

Trying to achieve:
In Stock view, company selection via pop-up (which works) will filter out and display (via pop-up) on Name, only those contact names who work for that company (not-working). From there the related information such as mobile and email etc are auto-calculated from the Contact table (working)

In theory the above is really straight forward, actually implementing it has stumped me. I understand the right solution is to use "Self-Join", however for the life of me I am unable to get this to work. Not a single example of "Self-Join" on the site or via Google has pointed me to a working solution.

Please help me out whilst I still posess my own hair. I can take instruction.

Many thanks.