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Self-Join Portal Button to Related Records

Question asked by RyanFishy on Jan 20, 2011
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Self-Join Portal Button to Related Records


Edit - Answer appended, Issue resolved

Hello Folks,

I'm working on a new database and could use a little help.  FMP11 on Win XP.

I have a DB with 3 unique tables, but here im concerned simply with a single table. "Mytable"

This table has a self-join relationship to "MyTable2" on a non-unique field "Cat" using the "=" relation type.  This self-join is to allow a portal on a layout of "MyTable" to show records from "MyTable2" that share a value in "Cat"  Not sure if it matters, but I have the portal filtered to remove the current record from the portal.

All the above works well.

My goal is to make one or more fields inside the portal into buttons that bring you to the record shown from that portal row.  I would click this button and I would use the current "MyTable" layout to view the record that was clicked inside the portal. 

I've tried using a script as well as the 'Go to related record' button selection but i can't figure out how to make it work.  Specifcally for script use, I'm unclear about how i extract unique information from the portal row that i clicked on.  I've made the button from a unique Id field and that doesn't seem to help.  In all cases the script/button will return me to the current record I'm already viewing.

I've check and the field/buttons are completely inside the portal row.




Actually, with more experimention I found the answer.

From the 'go to related records' button selection. I was starting from 'MyTable' when I changed that to 'MyTable2' it did what I wanted.