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Selling different kinds of products

Question asked by JasonO'Berry on Jul 24, 2013
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Selling different kinds of products


     I need some insight on how to structure layout and tables to be able to efficiently sell different kinds of products/services. The current database is setup to enter line items through a portal on a job layout.

     We sell art prints and I need to modify it to be able to include services as well. If I am entering info related to an art print , i need fields in the portal related to the print (size, paper, frame). But if we are invoicing a service such as restoration, I need a time field and a rate field. What is the common practice for situations like this? Multiple portals on the job layout or a multiple layout data entry, or something else? I would like it to be simpl but as aesthetically pleasing and user friendly as possible.

     It would be nice that after selecting a drop down choice of product type to have only the needed fields for that type be available, but maybe in the future filemaker will have that capability.  

     Thanks for any suggestions.