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Send a keystroke

Question asked by luisprat on May 12, 2014
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Send a keystroke



     I´m developing a container field that captures a signature with an external signature Pad and all I need is to be able to send a keystroke (in this case CTRL+F8) to that activates the pads software that is running on the traybar and after capturing the image, it places it directly on the container field.

     If I have selected the container field and type the CTRL+F8 keys manually, the pad´s software opens, captures the signature and places it on the container field... everything wokrs great, BUT I would like to be able to NOT manually type the keystrokes... so I would like that if I select the container field it can send the keystroke.

     I´m using Filemaker 10, by the way..

     Thanks for your help !!!