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Send an email to all related email addresses

Question asked by EvanStein on Oct 13, 2013
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Send an email to all related email addresses


     Hello all!

     I'm trying to design a script to send a Location Report to all email addresses associated with a particular Location.

     There are three pertinent tables: Locations are related to Contacts, and Contacts are related to EmailAddresses. The challenge is that I have a join table linking my Locations to Contacts and Contacts to EmailAddress.

     When I run the script to send the Location Report, the intended result is an email addressed to ALL email addresses of ALL contacts related to that Location.

     What is actually happening when I run this script is I only get the first email address of the first client.  I've tried checking "Collect address across found set", but that doesn't seem to have any affect.

     Does anyone out there have any thoughts on this?

     Thanks in advance!

     Evan Stein