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    Send and Outlook reminder from Filemaker



      Send and Outlook reminder from Filemaker


      Hi all,

      I wonder whether this is possible as I have been unable to find anything that currently covers this question, there are references to this but no actual answer. The question is normally push to integration with Outlook through a plug-in or building a calendar within the system, Like Seedcode have done.

      What I am looking to do is get filemaker to create an outlook reminder in the same way this it can send an e-mail, so that when the recipient goes to their new item, it is in the format of an Appointment/reminder that Outlook (or similar mail programs) would interpret as a signal to create an appointment in it's own diary. 

      The reason for this, I have already incorporate a calendar for internal use, but I want a 'remindar' to be sent to the customer, and that to be automatically formated as a calendar entry.

      I hope that this makes sense, and I hope that it is something that some-one has seen or tried before me.

      Thank you for all your help in advance.


      Currently using FMP11

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          Hi All,

          I have spent more than too much time on this but have managed to find a way around the problem that I have with sending Calendar Reminders. The way that I have found is in no way elegant, but it does work for me.

          The process that I am currently using is to create an *.ics file within Filemaker and then send this as a mail attachement to the required recipient. Once the recipient opens the attachment a calendar event (in MS Outlook) is created, ready for the user to save. 

          There are some problems that I have come across, the *.ics file does not open correctly with iCAL on OS X, but this is a small hurdle that I hope to get past in a bit more time. At current, my system will only be Windows supported, until I can invest the time to make is Mac compatible.

          I'm hoping in time that I can get this to actually send as a reminder rather than an attachment, but this will require a lot more research.