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    Send as PDF without saving?



      Send as PDF without saving?


      Hi all,

      I have a cloud hosted database and have a form on there which creates a client invoice. If I keep the database o my desktop it allows me save as a pdf then email to the client. I have the file hosted on a cloud server and want to do the same but it won't allow me to 'save as pdf' (which I can understand). Is there any way I can create a temporary pdf without saving it?

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          Don't see why "save as PDF" is not allowed. A PDF has to be saved or Printed in order to create one. When you use a FileMaker Client to connect to a Hosted database, the "Save as PDF" is a local client option and it should be available to you unless your privilege set or a custom menu does not permit doing so.

          Or are you using a web browser to access the database?