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Send Customized Email

Question asked by jshels on Sep 8, 2009
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Send Customized Email


Hi All,

I feel this is a relatively simple question but I was unable to find an answer by doing a search, I'm pretty new to FileMaker.


I have a database to manage my production company, one table is clients, the second table is projects. Often times 1 client will have multiple projects at a time so I felt this would be an easy way to set it up so I could create ledgers and other layouts like that which would let me see all of a clients information at once.


The issue I'm trying to figure out is that I'd like to have a button that will send a custom email to a client that might have information like the date of their next recording session. How would I go about creating this? Essentially I have a body of text and just need a number of fields merged within the text. I'm currently using FM8 but will be upgrading to FM10 shortly. 


Thanks in advance,