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      Send E Mail Button


           Hey Guys,

           I created a layout in filemaker for equipment checkout for my school.  I added a button to the layout to send a email to a group of 5 people who handle the checkouts.  The problem I am having is they are reciving the email but it only contains the data i n the feilds not the layout with the data in it.  For instance I used the texted tool in the layout and typed type of equipment.  I then have a feild called equipment type.  The email only shows laptop not equipment type laptop.  The problem is some things are a question like do you need someone to subsittue your class with a yes or no check box.  The email just sends the yes or no answer not the question Do you need a substitute for your class.  Any help would be great thanks so much for your time.

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               As you have discovered, you cannot email a layout to someone. You can either construct a calculation that puts this info, both the content of selected fields and their labels in the body of the email as plain text, or you can save a PDF of your layout and attach the PDF to your email.

               Your calculation for the body of the email might include an expression such as this:

               "Type of Equipment: " & YourTable::EquipmentType

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                 Ok calculations are over my head I was hoping there would be a box to check to send the text along with the feild info.  D you know of a better solution for what I am trying to do?