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Send email automatically when user enters info in custom web publishing form

Question asked by on May 27, 2014


Send email automatically when user enters info in custom web publishing form


     I've been our company's self-taught Filemaker guru for more than 5 years now, and we recently decided to use it more actively to manage our job requests from internal clients.  We've been dinking around with the solution as we go, making it work for everyone in the office, and it is humming along pretty well (using Filemaker Server and Pro 13).  We're working with a 3rd party to set up a Custom Web Publishing form for non-filemaker users to enter their job requests.  THAT part is taking forever and is costing us a fortune, so a bit disappointing.  We had planned to have them set it up to automatically email a response to the person submitting the form as confirmation, but we don't have the additional money to get that from them too.  So...I'm trying to figure it out myself but NEED HELP.  Seems like there should be a way to trigger when a new entry is added to a database, but I can't find that one.

     What I want:

     Client submits job request, which automatically adds an entry to our Filemaker database and triggers and email response to the email address they entered saying we received your request, no matter what time of day they submit it or whether anyone is actually in Filemaker or not.

     - I have set up an auto complete field for submitted by, which will show "webadmin" if the entry comes from the form, rather than from one of us in the department - to designated those from webadmin

     - I have set up an auto complete field for submitted on, with a time stamp - to designate when jobs are submitted

     - I have set up a field for Email sent with a time stamp - to designate which have received email and which haven't

     - I've tried several ways to set up a Send Email script as well as an OpenURL script using mailto.  Script also completes the Email sent field. Both ways seem to work, but require manual action from me.

     - I'm using Outlook 13, and each time it tries to send an email it gives me that security warning that requires me to click Allow before it will complete.

     - I've tried to understand the SMTP mail option, which sounds like a better answer, but I haven't been able to get the right info from our IT department to make it work.

     - There is literally no one else here, even in our IT department, who knows anything about Filemaker or has time to help.

     Stuck on

     1. how to trigger the email so that it runs whether I'm in FM or not (not connected to any Open* script triggers)

     2. how to send the email in the background without action from me, and preferably from a department email address, not my specific address


     I've read some amazingly helpful responses from folks on these forums, so I'm hoping someone will see this and take on the challenge to help us.