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    Send email BCC not working as expected.



      Send email BCC not working as expected.


      Filemaker 13 Advanced, Window 7 and Outlook as email client.

      Trying to send multiple emails from send email as blind cc's. I selected (tried) both multiple emails and singular. I was hoping that it would just collect all the emails from my filemaker contacts in the found set and dump them into the BCC field. That's what it looks like the setup for send email is supposed to do.

      The program is NOT collecting the emails across the found set... it wants me to select them from my Outlook contacts.  Too bad, I was hoping this feature worked.

      Any ideas?

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          Okay, sometimes it helps just to STATE the problem.  I searched and found where the SELECT FIELD was hiding. Now that FM knows where to collect the data across Found Set: it does!!

          If anyone else has this problem just go into the script and select the field from the options on the arrow after the field you are trying to collect emails to.

          Obscurus obscurantum!. Another day of reading between the lines in Filemaker land.


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            Not sure what lines you had to read between. When you look up Send Mail in FMP help, it clearly tells you to click the button with the black triangle (showing you a picture of the button) if you want to specify values from an "address book (Windows), field, or calculation."

            The BCC box is then clearly listed as one of the places where you'd click that button to accomplish that result.


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              Thanks Phil. It's always a pleasure to get a put down, isn't it? You NEVER do that to men, I note.

              I still maintain that the documentation for Filemaker is often obscure, the more so because there are so few places to get help.

              Nonetheless, I have found your advice helpful on many occasions.