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    Send email best practise?



      Send email best practise?



           I am about to start working on a bulk emailing solution where emails will be sent to a number of addresses across a found set. The email body will be mostly 'standard' but will be customized for each email address with data from a number of fields.

           All easy so far..

           My question is, am I better off using one of the many third party Filemaker Pro plug-ins that will do this or am I OK just using the Send Email script step that is built into Filemaker?

           What are the pros and cons of each?

           Thanks in advance




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               You'll need to research the plug ins to see what they offer. The most obvious differences to look for are what options you have for formatting the email body and how many files can be attached to the email. Send Mail in FileMaker is Plain text only and limits you to only one attached file per email.