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Send Email locks Outlook

Question asked by conor on Nov 6, 2009
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Send Email locks Outlook


I am using the Sent Email function, and it works fine.


However my users are not happy! Often they will want to customise the message slightly or just grap some content from a previous email or whatever.


The issue is that they cannot get out of the email to access either Outlook 2007 or FileMaker, both are effectively locked until the email is sent or cancelled.


Generally the users are simply not using the functionality and manually adding text/attachments because this "lock up" behaviour is too restrictive.


I am aware that you can do lots of things with the message body and calculations to work around this issue, however what I want to know is why this is happening in the first place and how can I remove this restriction.


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Experience: Beginner

FileMaker: Filemaker Pro 10

OS: Windows 7