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    Send Email locks Outlook



      Send Email locks Outlook


      I am using the Sent Email function, and it works fine.


      However my users are not happy! Often they will want to customise the message slightly or just grap some content from a previous email or whatever.


      The issue is that they cannot get out of the email to access either Outlook 2007 or FileMaker, both are effectively locked until the email is sent or cancelled.


      Generally the users are simply not using the functionality and manually adding text/attachments because this "lock up" behaviour is too restrictive.


      I am aware that you can do lots of things with the message body and calculations to work around this issue, however what I want to know is why this is happening in the first place and how can I remove this restriction.


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          It is possible that the Send Without Dialog checkbox is checked in the Send Mail options. With it unchecked, the user should see the email in Outlook and could edit it.


          Using Filemaker 10, you can opt to send the emails directly using the SMTP option and bypass using Outlook completely. Then you would need to build a layout or expand the text field for the body of the email so that the user could see it prior to it being sent. It would take some customizing and organizing, but may work better for everyone. 

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            The Send Without Dialog is not checked, as my users want to be able to edit the email. The issue arises when they want to fetch some data either from Outlook or FileMaker and they can't because they are locked out of both.


            The problem with using SMTP or some other solution is as you point out, that I would have to build or buyin lots more functionality.


            Anyone else out there seeing this seeing this behaviour?




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              I believe you'll have to design a work around. This is not terribly difficult.


              Simply design a layout that functions as an email "editor" exposing the parts of the email (Message, To, CC, BCC etc.) you want the users to be able to modify as text fields. The users can now switch to other apps, copy/paste etc all they want. Then they click a "send" button on this layout and your script attached to that button triggers the send mail step with the "no dialog" option to send the email.

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                Thanks for the feedback from both of you, looks like I will have do the work around. More opportunities to improve my filemaker skills!



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                  I came across this thread, while searching for an alternative to the solution I have used.


                  I use the Open URL (no dialog) script step and the MAILTO: protocol.  This generates the message in Outlook and gives the user the ability to edit it before sending and does not lock FMP or Outlook.



                  "mailto:" & c_Email_Address & "?subject=" & c_Email Subject & "&body=" & c_Email_Body & "&cc=" & c_Email_CC & "&bcc=" & c_Email_BCC

                   Obviously the c_ calculation fields can be replaced with quoted text if you do not need data from a field.






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                    I have been in the same situation, and had to put a quick email editor within FMP to allow user to change the default text if they needed to. The benefit is that you can store the final email in the database, if that is useful. If they were editing on their email tool, the changes would be lost. Don't know if that matters to you, but thought I'd throw it in!

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                      I tried using this open URL function, as I've been having the same issue in my FM and Outlook....but I can't get it to work.


                      It says that either "there are two few paramters" or "Table not found" or "an operator is expected here"


                      I just simply want outlook to open with the email address in the To field, and nothing else.




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                        about the mailto-URL problem:


                        those error messages point to a common mistake that either a quotation mark is missing or too much, or an operator

                        is missing or too much. When a text constant isn't properly quoted, FM thinks you mean a table field (which isn't there)

                        when you actually meant a text constant.


                        Check the quotes and ampersands again. Pretty sure that there's the problem.


                        For easier debugging you can spread the command over several lines, like this:

                        & c_Email_Address
                        & "?subject="
                        & c_Email Subject
                        & "&body="
                        & c_Email_Body
                        & "&cc="
                        & c_Email_CC
                        & "&bcc="
                        & c_Email_BCC

                        That makes it quite easy to recognize where you might have missed a quote or you have one too much,

                        and if all needed ampersand characters are there.



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                               What if you want to add an attachment?