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Send email script issue

Question asked by DanDavison on Jan 18, 2012
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Send email script issue


I am a complete novice with Filemaker or databases in general, but am currently working on a solution for the charity I work for.

I have ran into an issue though:

I am using the events management starter solution and adding features to it. One of the things I would like to do is edit the send email script so that I have two options. 

Firstly our charity uses google apps for its email systems, is there a way that if I change the default email client on the mac to gmail that filemaker will recognise it and open a new email in gmail rather than in my mac mail? Or alternatively I have had a look at the send email script smtp server setting, I am pretty sure I put in all the right settings but it doesn't work. If I got the smtp working is there anyway of having the message input window pop-up so that the content/attachments can be edited before sending? This is due to needing an auto-response that is tailored to the specific event that the email is in relation to without having to re-setup scripts every time.

The second function i would love to be able to do is in the event guests portal have a button that runs a script that copies the related contacts email address to the clipboard.


Can anyone help me??