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    Send email script issue



      Send email script issue


      I am a complete novice with Filemaker or databases in general, but am currently working on a solution for the charity I work for.

      I have ran into an issue though:

      I am using the events management starter solution and adding features to it. One of the things I would like to do is edit the send email script so that I have two options. 

      Firstly our charity uses google apps for its email systems, is there a way that if I change the default email client on the mac to gmail that filemaker will recognise it and open a new email in gmail rather than in my mac mail? Or alternatively I have had a look at the send email script smtp server setting, I am pretty sure I put in all the right settings but it doesn't work. If I got the smtp working is there anyway of having the message input window pop-up so that the content/attachments can be edited before sending? This is due to needing an auto-response that is tailored to the specific event that the email is in relation to without having to re-setup scripts every time.

      The second function i would love to be able to do is in the event guests portal have a button that runs a script that copies the related contacts email address to the clipboard.


      Can anyone help me??



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          gmail is an smtp email server so the smtp option makes sense. FileMaker users have had mixed success with gmail as an smtp server. Some have had no trouble, others lots of trouble.

          To preview and edit the message body before sending, have your script put the text and data you want to include in the body into a text field. You can then review and edit this text field before clicking a "send" button that uses Send Mail to send the email. The send mail step can be set up to refer to this text field in order to send it as the body of your email. (This also gives you the option of saving these messages in a table for future reference.

          To copy data to the system clipboard, there's a script step named "copy" to do exactly that. The field being copied must be present on the current layout in order for it to copy data. This is useful if you want to paste the copied data into another application. If you want to copy data from one part of a FileMaker solution to another, there are better options than copy for doing this.