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Send email Script not allowing carriage returns in message area

Question asked by PhotoBuffoon on Mar 16, 2012
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Send email Script not allowing carriage returns in message area



I'm trying to set up a send email script and have done the following:


& Clients::Cont_1_First_Name & " " & Clients::Cont_1_Last_Name &", " & Clients::Cont_1_Pos & ", " & Clients::Client_Name

&Clients::Cont_2_First_Name & " " & Clients::Cont_2_Last_Name &", " & Clients::Cont_2_Pos & ", " & Clients::Client_Name

& Clients::Cont_3_First_Name & " " & Clients::Cont_3_Last_Name &", " & Clients::Cont_3_Pos &  ", " & Clients::Client_Name &


"Body of message"

Unfortunately, for some reason filemaker does not seem to be inserting carriage returns so when I run the script I end up with:

Attention: Warwick Phillips, President, Mona Vale RaidersJohn Trbojevic, Vice President, Mona Vale RaidersKaren Gaynor, Secretary, Mona Vale Raiders.....then the body of the message follwing immediately.

The strange thing is that it wss inserting them yesterday but today it seems to have lost the functionality?  Before it behaved just like a word processor so all I had to do was hit enter/return on my mac and it inserted the carriage return.  I have tried closing and restarting FM to no avail.

Obviously this makes automating the email step almost not worth it as I then need to go through and re format.


In addition, I'd like to insert a couple of links in the email to my web site however there does not appear to be any way to insert these without me doing it in Mac Mail, which again defeats the purpose of automating.  Anyone got any tricks up their sleeve to resolve this?