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Send email script using 2 data bases

Question asked by FilmUser on Mar 13, 2013
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Send email script using 2 data bases



     I have 2 data bases, hosted from the same folder in the same server, but unrelated (but could be if needed for this problem).

     One is Contacts, the other "Messages".

     I have scripts in Contacts which send mail to a found set (keeping each set small enough to stay under the spam radar.)

     The values for the Subject line and Text content email are in the Messages data base each in their own fields.

     All emails are sent on the same day of the week, every week (Tuesday) and the subject line and text content are the same for all of the emails, per week.

     If the send email script is in the Contacts data base, I can't seem to direct the script addressing window to pick up the values for the subject and text content from the other data base.

     My ultimate plan is to sequence the scripts to run as one.

     I have Filemaker 10 and 11 on different machines on the network, and Advanced 11 available on another, if needed.

     Any ideas? (I'm not a seasoned developer.)