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    send email to calendar



      send email to calendar


      Dear all,


      Is there anyway we can send email to calendar?


      I am using mail.it 3 plug-in for sending and receiving message. 





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          I suggest providing a bit more detail.


          Useful info to post so we can produce an answer to your question:


          What version of FMP/FMS are you using?

          What platform(s)? (Windows or Mac)

          Briefly describe all tables, relationships involved in your question.

          Describe the layout(s), both appearance and what you want to do with them.


          Specific to your post, what do mean by calendar? I'm guessing you want to list your emails grouped in some way by date received but my guess could miss the mark by a wide margin.

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            Thanks a lot for reply,


            I am using filemaker pro 9 client on my machine and filemaker pro server 9 in remote machine. Our database is in the remote machine. We are using Mac.


            For sending email I have a plugin calls mail.it 3 

            one of tables call "To Do" we have time and date fields.

            The calendar we are using for our meeting is iCal.


            My problem is when I put the date and time for a meeting in "To Do" table then press "send email" button it will send email, when the person who is in charge for meeting gets the email he should get the time and date in his iCal too.



            Hope this details is OK. Please let me know if you need more details or more clear.




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              Thank you for your post.


              When the person receives the email at the destination, you want the iCal information updated?  This sounds more like a Mail client and iCal integration.  True?  If so, you may want to post this message on an iCal forum or your email client forum.



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