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    Send email using IWP



      Send email using IWP


           Hi guys,

           I have FMP 12

           I have a script to send an email using SMTP which has been working very successfully through IWP. I have recently changed ISP who apparently block VPN over their network so SMTP no longer works. I have worked around this by using my email client, but of course this does not work when connecting via IWP. Apart from changing my ISP, is there any other way I can send mail via IWP??


           Thank you in advance, Jo.

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               I would try talking to your ISP and seeing if it's really the case that they block VPN over their network. I'm also not sure I see how blocking VPNs would prevent e-mail being sent through SMTP, unless it's something special about your network configuration and/or SMTP server you're using. Did you also set up new network equipment  when you switched ISPs? Have you made sure that ports used for SMTP (typically 25 or 587) are open on your network equipment?

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                 A free Google account would allow using their SMTP (limited to 200 recipients per email, I think)

                 I would check your ISP's email configuration instructions, setup is most likely to be the problem.
                 Many block default port 25.