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Send email via SMTP with windows small busines 2003

Question asked by Joser on Feb 9, 2010


Send email via SMTP with windows small busines 2003




i try to send an email via filemaker pro ( via a button with smtp server) but after 5 sec i get a message "can't send email"


we work with a small busines server 2003.

On that server filemaker VLA v10 filemaker server v10 are installed.


When i test the smtp settings in filemaker server admin, the test works fine, i get a message in my mailbox saying the test was succesfull.


This is a test email. If you received this email, then you have configured the email notification service successfully with the following settings."


But when i make a button in a databsae "send mail' via smtp, and i put the same settings (10.0...... gate 25) in, it doesn't work.

Are their other settings that i have to put in?


As administrator I run both programs (filemaker pro and filemaker admin) directly on the server


kind regards