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    Send email with pdf attachment from IWP



      Send email with pdf attachment from IWP



           I just figured out how to save a layout as a pdf here: Save as pdf script problem

           Unfortunately, you cannot do that in Instant Web Publishing. Instead, I'm hoping I can create a button that will send mail with the layout as pdf attached to it, so instead of saving it, which isn't possible from IWP, the user can email the pdf to themselves.

           Any tips? It seems straight forward to send mail with a pdf attached. The trouble I'm having is how to make the pdf come from within filemaker and not something saved on the machine.


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               You will encounter the same limitation since you still need save as PDF to generate the PDF to attach.

               There is a rather complex work around if you set up all the bits and pieces correctly.

               A script can run in FileMaker Pro on the host computer or a computer linked to it that periodically performs a script. The script would check for new records in a "request" table and if it finds any, it uses the info entered into fields of that record to find records, save as PDF and email out the attachment back to the originating user.

               A user would use a script and/or enter data to create a new record with the needed find criteria and email address in order for this script to be able to do its thing.