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Send Event script to open a pdf file

Question asked by MaxEh on Apr 9, 2011
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Send Event script to open a pdf file


I am trying to open a pdf file using the Send Event script step in FMP 11A. I thought I could generate a calculated file path and name for each record in the database for Send Event to use however I get "There was an error opening this document. This file cannot be found."  The application opens just not the file

I am using a calculated field ( cal_FilePath (tried both stored and unstored as Text)) to generate a relative file path "file:pdfs/" & cal_Method Number & ".pdf" which shows up as file:pdfs/2539.pdf  which from all the guides and online discussion I've looked at seems to be correct for a relative file path.

In Send Event I have selected "Specify Application" and Adobe, as a default (since I'm hoping to do this in a mixed OSX/Win environment).  I have used Send the: open document : event with 'Calculation' : cal_FilePath and checked Bring Target Application to foreground.   This does not want to work.  I have tried all combinations of Options available in the dialogue but no luck.

I have pasted the calculated result from cal_FilePAth in the  Send the: open document : event with 'Document' dialog.  This works but I have a thousand different files and that seems tedious.

I have also tried the OpenURL script but that did not work for me either.   The relative file path is important as I would like to provide clients with a runtime solution.

What am I missing or doing wrong? Send Event appears to be the right way to do this.