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    send event with parameter



      send event with parameter



      I have a hard time trying to make my script works.

      I want to open Ultravnc viewer with the correct host address from filemaker.

      I did a script :

      - Create variable $Command =   "filewin:c:/ultravnc/vncviewer.exe -host 77.77.777.77:7777"
      - send event path = $command

      it doesn't work, it say it cannot find the parameter part as a file...

      how should I do it ?



      Filemaker 10 pro + windows xp

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          Thank you for posting.

          I attempted to use the Send Event step on Windows XP and FileMaker Pro 11 with the following:

          Set Variable[$command; Value:"\"C:\Documents and Settings\TSuki\Desktop\stuff\vncviewer.exe\" -host 77.77.777.77:7777"]
          Send Event["aevt"; "odoc"; $command]

          I chose "Calculation:" under Send Event. This seems to open vncviewer and have it attempt to connect. Can you clarify the exact message of the error and which program is giving it?

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Thanks a lot, with your example it works.

            My problem :  I was not sending the quotes around the path of the program ( \" )

            and I was choosing file instead of calculation in the send event.


            thanks a lot !