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Send Invoice by Email

Question asked by SandraCorbett on Jun 18, 2013
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Send Invoice by Email & Print Invoice Script need help modifying them with IF/ELSE clause



     I need help constructing a scripts for Sending by Email and Printing Invoice.


     I have 4 different layout types.  Each layout is assigned to a control button.  When click will generate the invoice type and save as a PDF.  At which time I place the image into a container field.  (See image attached)

     Here's the problem, how do I send a email with the appropriate layout based on which control button I click?

     The script I am using now for Send by E-mail must be manually adjusted each time I want to generate a specific invoice type.

     I am sure there is a way to indicate something like:  IF (Academic Invoice), then......  Else (Non-Academic Invoice), then......, ELSE (Labs & Society Invoice), then...... ELSE (Professional Affiliation), then......

     I am not sure how construct this type of script...  I would appreciate if if someone can provide assistance.  (I am attaching the screen shots of the scripts I have been using).

     Thanks a bunch in advance for your help!!!