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    Send Mail Crashes FM Pro 11 - Windows 7/Outlook



      Send Mail Crashes FM Pro 11 - Windows 7/Outlook



      I'm having a nagging issue when trying to use the Send Mail function in a script in FM Pro 11.  I am using it on Windows 7 with Outlook 2007.  

      My script is intended to launch an compose window with the email addresses from the found set inserted in the BCC field.  It does do this, however, upon sending or closing that compose window, FM immediately stalls and requires me to close the program.  

      This issue also seems to be apparent when using the Send Mail function on the File menu.  It allows me to set the message specifications, but upon clicking send, it again stalls and requires a close.  

      Any thoughts on this issue?

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          George Ray:

          Thank you for your post, and I apologize for the late reply.

          I do not have access to a Outlook 2007 on a Windows 7 machine.  My XP machine does work properly with FileMaker Pro 11 and Outlook 2007.

          If you have discovered the cause or workaround, please post here, as a couple of other users have also reported the problem.

          Anybody else having difficulty with Send Mail with FileMaker Pro 11 using Outlook 2007 under Windows 7?

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