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    Send Mail Help



      Send Mail Help


      I am using the 'send mail' script to send an email. In the 'To' box I am pulling an email address from a 'value list' which only shows the contact name on the layout. When the email dialog box comes up it shows the email address as it should instead of the contact name. However, in my message I need to use the contact's name like this:


      Dear 'contact',


      In between the ' ' is where I need the contact name and right now it is showing the email address just like it is in the 'To' box. I am using a value list with 2 columns and only showing the second column in the layout. Any suggestions?

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          You need to reference a name field in your email body instead of your email address field. The field I helped you set up in the other thread displays the person's name, but only stores the email address.


          One way is to relate the new table I had your create to your "email" table by the email address field. Then you can simply place the related name field from the other table in your email body.

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            Okay. So I do not need to use the same field in the body of the message. What exactly do you mean by 'reference'? Again, you may need to spell this out as I am very new to FileMaker, if you don't mind.

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              More accurately you can't use the same field as it doesn't store the data you need.


              By "reference" I mean use a field that does store the person's name in place of this email address field. I've suggested using a name field from the new table of names and addresses after creating a relationship linking these two tables by the email address fields.