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    Send Mail option in IWP



      Send Mail option in IWP


      Dear Experts,

      I was created a form which contains some fields, And created a script whether that all fields filled only it will go by Send mail option.
      Here below the Script named Make Request,

      If [Is Empty (Table1::Field1) or IsEmpty(Table1::Field2)]
      Show Custom Dialog["Caution!!"; "Some fields missing.!!"]    //I know that 'Custom dialog' was not work @ IWP
      Goto Layout [original layout]
      Perform Script["Send Request Mail"]
      End If

      The Send_Request_Mail Script is,

      Subject:-Test Report
      Message:-Request Completed. You can start further processes.

      Now I set this in Script Triggering > OnObjectSave > Script > Send_Request_Mail.

      Now I published in IWP, filled the all fields. But the Send Mail option was not working. (Will not show a message that "Some fields missing!!", I know that.)

      Was I did any mistake somewhere on Scripting or Triggering like.... Please Suggest me to do best!!

      Suresh Babu.