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Send Mail problems

Question asked by trouty on Jan 4, 2010
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Send Mail problems


Hi, don't know if any of you out there use the Send Mail facility within filemaker, I've moved over to Filemaker Pro from IBM Approach database specifically to be able to tap into this facility but have experienced repeated problems.


I've tried using the Filemaker's own email server which crashed several times, so resorted to using Outlook Express as a mail server but have experienced an extremely irritating problem that comes when you use this.  After Filemaker has sent out a certain amount of mail, the "Compact Mail" dialogue box comes up and will not go away until you either cancel or perform the compact.  If you opt to cancel, the dialogue box appears repeatedly after every individual message goes out.  Alternatively, if you opt to OK the Compact request, this is performed and then more email get sent out before the compact request appears and again.


Someone told me that when using Filemakers own email server, I should put a time lapse in as it was probably running too fast, hence the crashing, someone else said that because this facility is so new, some ISP's don't support it.  I'm really confused now.


I really wanted to use filemakers own server.  Does anyone have any ideas or solutions, I'd be grateful to hear from you.