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Send Mail Problems Using Novell Groupwise

Question asked by dont88_1 on Nov 6, 2008
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Send Mail Problems Using Novell Groupwise


I have created on my Macintosh version of Filemaker Pro 9 Advanced, a script that sends one email to multiple people, using a typed in list of recipients separated by semi-colons and also by sending to every person (email entered in a field in each record) in a selected set of records and everything works fine. When using the Mac my emails go out through Macintosh "Mail" through my AT&T DSL address.


But, when I try the same methods from work where we use Windows XP and Novell Groupwise, the email only goes to the last email address in the group. I've tried a number of combinations, including Send Mail from the file menu, send mail from a script, typing a group of email address in the To: line and referencing emails from a field. It works fine if I send a separate email to each email address, but fails when sending a single email to multiple people.


So, I suspect my problem is with the way Groupwise works. When I run the script, Groupwise is opened and the subject line, body and attachements that I have selected show as expected, only the last email address shows in the To: line. If I specify in the To: line X@X; Y@Y; Z@Z only Z@Z shows up. Again, the multiple addresses work fine on the Mac using Mail, but fails on Windows XP using Groupwise. 


Any experience with this problem or suggestions for a work-arounds?