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    Send Mail Problems Using Novell Groupwise



      Send Mail Problems Using Novell Groupwise


      I have created on my Macintosh version of Filemaker Pro 9 Advanced, a script that sends one email to multiple people, using a typed in list of recipients separated by semi-colons and also by sending to every person (email entered in a field in each record) in a selected set of records and everything works fine. When using the Mac my emails go out through Macintosh "Mail" through my AT&T DSL address.


      But, when I try the same methods from work where we use Windows XP and Novell Groupwise, the email only goes to the last email address in the group. I've tried a number of combinations, including Send Mail from the file menu, send mail from a script, typing a group of email address in the To: line and referencing emails from a field. It works fine if I send a separate email to each email address, but fails when sending a single email to multiple people.


      So, I suspect my problem is with the way Groupwise works. When I run the script, Groupwise is opened and the subject line, body and attachements that I have selected show as expected, only the last email address shows in the To: line. If I specify in the To: line X@X; Y@Y; Z@Z only Z@Z shows up. Again, the multiple addresses work fine on the Mac using Mail, but fails on Windows XP using Groupwise. 


      Any experience with this problem or suggestions for a work-arounds?

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          Additional note on use of Send Mail using Groupwise!


          Before witing this question I searched in this forum on "Send Mail" and didn't find anything. Since posting the question I searched on "Groupwise" and found some information saying Groupwise separates address in the To: line with a comma, not a semi-colon. I had discounted this as the problem because multiple address in the To: line of Groupwise appear to be separated with semi-colons. However, when I tested entering three addresses separated by commas on the To: line in the script, all three do show up in the email, but separated with semi-colons.


          Still looking for a way to make sending one email to multiple addresses work in a script short of creating a global text field containing all email addresses separated by commas.

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            Sounds like you are making this process more complex than it needs to be. Try a script to find the appropriate people to whom you want to send this email. Then in the script run a loop starting with the first record. Send mail for that person, set field to indicate in that record that you sent it, pause if necessary for your email program to keep up, and then go to the next record.


            Do it this way, you can personalize each email with the person's name, etc.


            Perform Find

            Go To First Record


            Send Mail

            Set Field

            Pause if needed 

            Next Record (end if last record)

            End Loop 

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              I already use that method for some emails where I want them customized for each person, but the problem I am having is when I want to send one static email to a lot of people. I intend to attach a pdf file to the email and it takes much less space in our mail system to store and send one pdf file (our news letter) that is sent to all the people on my list than to save 100, 500, 1000 etc. copies of the same static pdf file. Our email system administrator gets a little concerned when that many copies of the same one meg file are saved.


              So far the work around I've devised is to create a global text field to contain all email addresses in my mailing set which can be copied from Filemaker and pasted into my outgoing mail To: line or Back Copy line. I use a loop to add each email address delimited with a comma to a global field which ends up containing all email addresses in a single global field. I've tried within the Send Mail script to assign the field with the list of names to the the To: line and it works for a few, but choked and crashed Filemaker when I tried it with 350 addresses. 350 email addresses worked with the copy and paste method.


              This method works, but I'm looking to see if anyone else has a better solution.