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Send Mail requires wait between emails

Question asked by jimcooper on May 23, 2013


Send Mail requires wait between emails


     Using 12.0v3 Filemaker Pro Advanced.

     I created a simple script to send 20 emails using SMTP in a loop. One email is sent then the script is paused 15 seconds before the next is sent. If there is zero wait, several of 20 emails will not be sent. I have come to this point because using Multiple Emails in the Send Email step resulted in too many connections being opened.

     The SMTP setup does work, and with enough delay all 20 email are sent and received.

     I cannot expect guessing at a delay time to work into the future. Is there a better solution?

     I can't find any control over how the Send Mail statement functions (can't limit connections, can't get feedback from server). Am I the only one in the world with this problem?


     Jim C