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Send Mail Script Associated with Radio Button, Dates

Question asked by annacangialosi on Sep 29, 2014
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Send Mail Script Associated with Radio Button, Dates


Hi, I am new to File Maker and working with a Knowledge module that has already been set up in my company's File Maker database. My task is to set up an Update field for new entries so employees who enter a new piece of information can select to be notified "yearly", "monthly" "quarterly" "never", or verify on",  via e-mail, to review the entry and make sure it is current.

I have gone through the FileMaker Training Basics Scripting chapter and FileMaker Essential Training and am still not sure on the commands or parameters to use. 

This is my first attempt, and I know it needs work. 

Is there a multiple step script source available that you can point me to? 

If [ Text DB::updates = "yearly" ]

email whoentered, one year from whenentered

Else If [ Text DB ="quarterly"]

email whoentered, four months from whenentered

Else If [Text DB::updates="monthly"]

email whoentered, one month from whenentered

Else If [Text DB::updates="never"]

do nothing

Else If [Text DB::updates="verify on"]

email whoentered, on specified date

End If

Thank you,