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Send mail Script step doesn't show dialog

Question asked by DaveMcRoberts on Dec 24, 2014


Send mail Script step doesn't show dialog



We have a FileMaker Pro 11 solution hosted on a server.  We have a FileMaker script that creates a PDF and opens an E-Mail dialog. For the vast majority, this script works.

For a handful of clients, the dialog does not pop up, although the PDF is created on the user's desktop. The clients are on Windows 7 machines all configured with Outlook (Either 2010 or 2013).  I stepped through the script on a client's computer with Pro Advanced and the script step returned a 0 for error.

I have checked the settings according to the FileMaker Help notes in the Send Mail topic. The clients have both 32- and 64-bit Operating systems.  The "Perform without dialog" is unchecked.

Does anyone have any other ideas or have experience with this issue?

Thanks for your help.


Dave McRoberts