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Send Mail script step stopped working

Question asked by rbrown on Mar 14, 2011
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Send Mail script step stopped working


I'm running FM11 client and FM9 server.  I have several scripts that create pdf's and send them as attachments to emails using the Send Mail script step.  The scripts run fine on 25 different computers but recently stopped working on an iMac.  The iMac is running OS10.6.6 and the email client is MS Entourage 2004.  I have used script debugger and the script seems to run fine as every step is executed including creating the pdf but it just seems to ignore the Send Mail step because nothing happens when it is executed.  There is no error shown and no dialog appears - nothing.  I wonder if somehow FM just doesn't know which email client to launch anymore.  This is probably not even a FileMaker issue but does anyone have any ideas on how to troubleshoot?